Day Nine – In a Town Like Twin Peaks (Part 2)

By Cheryl Lee Latter

From South Bend To North Bend – My Twin Peaks Trip Across the US

March 3rd- On this day in Twin Peaks – it’s all about visions: Cooper seeing the giant and elderly waiter, Maddy has a premonition of her blood on the carpet, and the Major sees Bobby’s future.

For any Twin peaks fan, a pilgrimage to the filming sites is a huge privilege. That these places are still here, and mostly intact and recognisable, is an amazing thing. Added to this, the fact that the show returned to the area for season 3 means a whole new list of filming sites are now on the tour.

If you can, connect with a local guide so that nothing is missed. Jill Watson, Mary Hutter and Karl Reinsch are Twin Peaks experts, and all work hard for their community.

David at Twin Peaks Tour is also a reputable guide:

Also, check out Twin Peaks Blog, where Steven Miller has literally left no stone unturned in his detailed guide to all things Twin Peaks.

Twin Peaks Blog – Documenting my 27 year fascination with David Lynch and Mark Frost’s “Twin Peaks.”

As our tour was unofficial, we were also able to access some places that are out of bounds. We were lucky that not a soul was around at any of these places, so we were able to get away with it, but I don’t necessarily advise it! It’s important to always be respectful and not ruin it for any other fans.

We did ask for permission to take photos at Dirtfish Driving School (which was the location of the Sheriff Station, and has a great view of the remains of the Packard Mill) as it is a busy working business, and we didn’t want to ruin it for anyone else. I would ask others to do the same, as it will be appreciated. They were very friendly, so don’t be shy.

As you can see from the below pictures, we had the perfect Twin Peaks weather, and there were no other people at any of the locations! Everything was exactly as I wished for, and exactly as I had envisioned visiting these places would be.

Thanks to Jill, and her lovely dog, Copper, for a great day!

All locations are very close to each other, in North Bend, Snoqualmie, Fall City, or Olallie State Park, but a car is a big help if you want to do it all in just a few hours as we did.

We ended it with dinner at the Roadhouse, and the best Mac and Cheese on the planet! I highly recommend making it the final stop after a busy day of driving, exploring and hiking.

Pictured below are:

Welcome To Twin Peaks sign location

The big log from the credits

The picnic spot

RR Diner

The Sheriff Station

Packard Sawmill

Ronette’s bridge

Sparkwood and 21

The Roadhouse

Ed’s Gas Farm

The Hurley House

The Johnson House

The church from Laura’s funeral

Deer Meadow Sheriff Station and Morgue

Teresa’s FWWM Motel

Wind River/ where Teresa’s body was found

Hap’s Diner

The private FWWM airport

The Intersection from FWWM and the S3 hit-and run

Carl Rodd’s bench

Gersten’s apartment building

The New Fat Trout Trailer Park

Elk’s Point bar

Ed’s new S3 Gas farm

Steven and Gersten’s tree

Jack Rabbit’s Palace

The place where Naido is found

The site of the Convenience Store

Jeffries’s S3 Motel

Where Cooper finds Laura in part 17

I cover the falls/Salish Lodge, Kiana Lodge, Palmer house and Hayward house in other blog posts:

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