Day Eight – Smell Those Douglas Firs

By Cheryl Lee Latter

From South Bend To North Bend – My Twin Peaks Trip Across the US

March 2nd – On this day in Twin Peaks – Laura’s tape, Audrey crosses the border, Cooper and Leo both are shot.

It’s fitting that on this day in Twin Peaks, Audrey crosses the border to OEJ, because today we were on the move again, to Colorado, and then finally to the beautiful Washington State.

Driving out of Seattle airport in the dark and rain in an unfamiliar car is insane! It’s like some crazy, deadly game of Mario Kart! And I was completely unprepared for the moment when we came over a hill and the whole of downtown Seattle suddenly appeared right in front of us like a beautiful bright string of fairy lights! I waited my whole life to see that!

After a while, the lights drifted away to be replaced on both sides by tall, dark trees, and streets I’ve seen a million times in my dreams. We were too tired to explore much at night, but even then I felt I could die happy having felt the Snoqualmie rain in my hair, and having seen, briefly, those majestic Douglas Firs.

As soon as you enter this area, things feel different. The trees and the mountains feel like sentinels watching over the town. For the Native Americans this is a very special place, and there is a positive energy that just encompasses you as you arrive.

North Bend is exactly what I hoped it would be, a friendly little town with a strong community spirit. I can understand why so many of my friends have made their homes here, Twin Peaks or not.

Our beautiful accommodation was on the river, just a few minutes walk from Twede’s. Driving past the restaurant in the dark, we 100% felt like Coop and Carrie in part 18.

Before visiting, people tell you how little everything is, how all the sites are ‘right there’, but it’s still surprising to see it in real life. I mean, Twin Peaks is right here!

Although there aren’t many Twin Peaks shops, the Twin Peaks Bakery, a few doors down from Twede’s, is said to have the best cherry pie in town.

And a little further down, on the other side of the road, is the Dairy Freeze, which was Lynch’s haunt during filming.

It’s also worth making a stop at Clarity Eyewear Boutique, where the lovely Amy King can sell you your own set of Log Lady glasses.

As fans, we are so lucky and so blessed to be able to make this pilgrimage to a place that was our respite through difficult times. The teenage girl in me felt very happy to be home.

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